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How much should I charge for building a friend-of-a-friends PC?

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Hmm okay guys cheers for the insight :) We aren't really close friends at all, he's just a friend who was recommended to me but even if we were I'd still charge. Labour is labour. I'm thinking maybe just £50 cash-in-hand for the job. Seems pretty fair right?


That;s very a reasonable price for anyone.

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7 minutes tops to build a PC if you know what you're doing, at $10 an hour, that is nothing.

If you need to setup windows, updates, AV, drivers, blah blah blah, that stuff takes time.


I do about $50/hour for repairs/backups/blah blah blah, thats my special price for friends of friends that I know.


Building a PC I'd do for free though, aint nothing to it, although I've seen some people mess that up badly...


Money for a pc build usually comes from the parts.

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