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building a new box which chip

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Build a new box need some help on the chip

1090T or FX8150 or i5 3570k.

If go amd I can afford 480GB revo drive to go with my 100GB I already have. Where with the Intel I coukd only get a 256GB sata 6Gb drive to compliment my 100GB revo 2.

This is purely a gaming rig and only needs HDD space to hold the about 10 games I keep installed at a time.

Also have a zalman cpns 9900 to cool the cpu in either case.

I also intend to be running 32GB of ram and to oc the chip heavily.

My case is a haf932 with twin psus a pcpc 750 fresh back from rma it had a bad pot and the other psu a antec 620 triggered by 12v relay it will solely supply the videocard(s).

Gcard is a galaxy gtx560ti white edition.

Thoughts are welcome.

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What are you using this for?


Budget? What games are you playing?


Right now your system is all over the place. Gaming you dont need 32gb of ram 8GB is more then enough and you dont need a dedicated powersupply for your video card ether one of those would power your system on there own.


newegg has a ocz 1tb revo drive if you really want some storage for games.

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