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  1. 1. What nickname should I use??

    • IVIYTH0S
    • IVI
    • Another (elaborate)

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Ivithos. you are Ivithos. That is how we know your Silly self and that is what you will be forever Known as.



and i will call you Onion, Ivithos etc...still. just like the way i knew you since day one i entered here at OCC.

everybody's original name will be permanently imprinted in our minds with it's unique characteristics attached to each of everyone's.

an Onion can't be mistaken as Potato, so did as a Sword or a Fish :P

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You must be the rational for the llamas...


I completely misread the topic title...I was on my way to bed when I wrote that, and I was dead tired.


|V|YTHOS is Mythos, so IDK about the Ivy stuff.


Now...what did you mean about me being the "rational for the llamas"?

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