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upgrading toaster

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I'm planning on giving the boot to my not so trusty Gigabyte ma78lmt-s2 ,only purchased it because there was no other options in stock at the time. its time to flog it off.

i've been having a look at the AsRock 990fx extreme4 and after reading a few reviews it looks the goods. are there better options in the 150-200 range though?

my only requirements are at least 8 sata ports and 2 pci-e x1 slots.

will i be overclocking? of course

crossfire/sli ? nope

ill be picking up a storm stryker soon so size shouldnt be an issue either.

cheers,  fred


I got a NZXT Phantom + a Sabertooth 990FX R2

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like a noob i forgot to mention me memory!

patriot 4gb 133mhz (x2)

and other specs just in case you need them (should really put them in the sig)

AMD Phenom II x4 955 be @4.02Ghz
Gigabyte ma78lmt-s2
8GB Patriot 1333Mhz
Gigabyte Radeon 5770
Hitachi 1TB Sata 2
Hitachi 2TB Sata 2
Seagate Momentus 500gb
Coolermaster Centurion II (soon to be storm stryker)
Asus VK278Q 27"
Thermaltake XT 875W

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thats before i started looking at the sub 150 range eeeeeeehk


nothing seemed to have at least 2 pci-ex1 and at least 8 sata ports...until



behold the asus m5a99x



it has the aforementioned sata ports, pci-e slots and uefi bios.


so its between the asus @ $119 and the asrock @ $167. so a ~$50 difference for fairly similar boards. or am i missing something here?


noticed that 2 of the 8 ports were sata 2 and not 3 but thats not a problem, surely there is something else to it?

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went down there today and the only m5a99x left was a returned one.. aaargh. back to square one.



i have till thursday to find an alternative.

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