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I Need A Mod


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I canot do any of this

cutting my case

painting my case

somthing extream



what i dont need suggestions for..

ducking mod



cd window

drive stelthing

psu and wire sleeving



so anything but thoes... lol



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rip apart an old cdrom drive, and use the case part of it to hold your hard drive - secure your hard drive using styrofoam blocks, and put it in your 5 3/4 bay. there you have increased ability to hide wires, and it acts as a noise absorber!

you can barely see it here...


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Here's an easy mod. Get yourself one of the car cd kits that has a built in wireless transmitter that allows you to tune in on your radio to hear the cd. About the only thing you need to do is splice the power cord and hook them to your computer 12v output. Plug the phono plug into your computers speaker out and now you can hear your mp3s on any FM radio in range. Putting the transmitter into the computer and hardwiring all wiring is for those extreme modders. I recently did this and together with my bluetooth T-68i phone I can control win amp or media player remotely and even view the playlist! Anyhow, my nest mod will be to add a car cig lighter. The parts are about $2-$3 at a car parts store. The sealth cd cover mod is also an easy one which took about 30 minutes of work and about $3 to do.

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