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Help spec a laptop for a friend

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Hey all,

I have a lady friend who is interested in getting a new laptop for herself and since I have no idea on what she will need, I am hoping you will help me out on suggestions for her.


She wants to go with a 14" or 15" display. She doesn't want to go 17" or bigger as she does not like lugging them around. Her mom has a 17" Acer that I bought her a year ago for Christmas and this lady thinks that it is too big for her.


Needs to have good video capability as she will be doing video work on it (she is getting into web sales of products and needs to produce her videos for the sites).


She leans towards an i7 although I don't see why an i5 wouldn't be powerful enough for her. She has hinted that she may think about going over to Apple if anyone can convince her that it would be worth it? I have always been a PC and intel person so no opinion on other things.


I would think that 4GB ram would be good or more?


She would like to stay around $1000 tops but can go more if worth the extra money for the power or increased video.


No gaming on the rig at all.

She will have Microsoft office and Photoshop on it as well as video editing software.


So what do you folks think? TIA for any help you can offer.



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I had trouble finding anything lighter than this with the same amount of power. Even at a higher price, the weight doesn't want to fall below 5 pounds.


The nice things include 1920x1080 resolution, 8 GB of ram, and a i7 CPU which will help with any sort of CPU intensive video editing. If she is using sony vegas, then it even has a GTX 650 to help out.

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for her sake convince her NOT to buy an apple, its the same thing except you pay $500 extra because ''its apple'' and you can always hackintosh it if she wants an apple operating system.


Trankop has a nice laptop selected go with that it will be WAY better then apple could ever offer at taht price (if it was apple it would be like $2500)

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Guest Trankop

Thanks for the help all.


Hey Trankop, you got a link to that laptop? Certainly seems like a good deal for her!

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