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What I did today .......

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not today, but yesterday...


I rebuilt and played around with an old computer.  It was one that I had given my mom and that my brother pretty much made his instead.  Then one day it wouldn't boot and since I didn't have time to go fix it at that moment, he took it to his computer guru buddy across the street.  Guru guy explained how it was the motherboard and replaced it (dfi sli-dr).  Then when it still wouldn't boot, said it was because the cpu wasn't supported (opteron 165, and although not officially supported, worked fine for years).  So I decided to just ask for the whole thing back, since I knew this guru guy wasn't guru at all, and that my mom had already got a better computer by this time any way.  I got it back in pieces.  The aftermarket cooler no longer fit right, so I got the original stock one out of the basement.  It wouldn't turn on, they were right about that.  So I unhooked all the drives, 1 memory stick, reset bios, etc.  Still nothing...until I reset the bios the proper way by removing the battery, then it booted.  Here all this time, it was due to a bad motherboard battery, and apparently the new motherboard also had a dead one, or the guru put the dead one in there, idk.  Even the couple times they said it would boot but not start windows, was because there were 2 drives in raid 0 and by default the bios doesn't know to put them in raid, etc.


I reinstalled a fresh windows, and was quite surprised how fast this old thing was.  Granted I didn't play any new games on it and stress it, but it still easily overclocked 50% from 1.8 to 2.7ghz (I didn't even try more, but sure it will - stock air and voltage).  Two 36gb raptors in raid-0.  2gb ram.  Boots up pretty quick, plays candy crush, and streams movies in hd as well as my slightly newer system.


Will we ever have days where we can get a 50+% OC on any item?  haha especially using stock cooling, this thing makes me smile

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Finished breaking in the new toy. Sent a little .300 win mag down range. Shoots awesome.

hey thats just like mine, remington 700, in 300 win mag, oh i love it, i was shooting hedge apples at 300 yrds a couple weeks ago, there is nothing quite like it.


a lot of people dont realize how much more ass a 300 mag has over 30-06 or 308, i wouldnt have it any other way

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Installed too many appliances. All new:







I hurt...but my case of Surge arrived today so caffeine + sugar + ibuprofen are helping. :)

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