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What I did today .......

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Make breakfast, feed cats, birds, move some things in the yard for the roofers who are reroofing the house. Answer a month's worth of ignored farm emails. Spend way too much time on Facebook.


Morning chores: Feed pigs, chickens and calves, move outdoor calf pen. Fill water tubs, pull weeds in the garden for pig food and so potatoes can be dug. Hand milk 5 cows.


Put the rake on the tractor and rake 5 acres of hay. Swap out the rake for baler and bale the hay. Pick up the baled hay and stack it in the barn.


Evening chores: Feed all of the animals again, put out a round bale for the cows.


Put the sickle bar mower on the tractor and mow another hay field.


Go out several times during the night to try to murder racoons eating the corn that's almost ripe.

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More longboarding. Its so much more efficient than walking to class. Had Algebra and Philosophy today, not too bad. Then I get to talk to my lawyer tonight about getting me a rental Mustang. :D

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Played Crysis, did some preliminary work about a short game I'm making in Unity, went out for a walk on Esher common with my family, and now settling down for more Crysis :D

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