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What I did today .......


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Just thought I would start a thread similar in a way to the "I just bought ...." thread but this one is focused on what you did today.

Feel free to share whatever tech or non tech interesting or boring haha




Today I went to Melbourne to enjoy some very lovely weather with my Nan.


Took a few pics on my cell while I was at the Shrine and some more from the Eureka Skydeck. Unfortunately the really blue tint on most of the windows of the skydeck has made pics very blue :lol:


Here a few random shots




And yeah this is why i love Melb, you can walk through a Arcade to find yourself confronted with hundreds of rainbow umbrellas hanging from the roof :lol:

There is also a shit load of colourful elephants around Melb atm because the Zoo is celebrating 150 years.




From the Skydeck




And from the Shrine


More photos here in my album oh and if you pay attention there are some shots with me in them sorta haha



Edit: That's new and a little cool haha think I will leave the slide show thingy going never knew it did that haha :lol:

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Beautiful pictures!! Makes me wanna visit and bring you one of my many discounted SSDs lol

Haha I am down for that.


If my phone battery didn't run itself flat I woulda taken more photos of the beautiful arcades they are definitely one of my favorite things about Melbourne and even if you have lived and worked in Melbourne your whole life they will always have something new and interesting for you.


Also guys this aint all about me haha what have you guys done :D

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Very cool pictures stoner.


Well I went and saw one of the many attractions in perth...


Oh wait...


Oh yes, that's right, I saw a band that came to per-


Oh that's right..


Well I went to uni today


The end


I get to lay in bed all day without getting up because of back pain and medication. I'd rather attend my classes. :(

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Nice phone camera stoner! Sure you had a fun time..


I came work. Then I received a mail with invitation to a kind of conference of Intel-IBM in the University (I work in university but in other "House" 10 blocks from the university). I was kind of doing nothing at work so I went there walking with a friend, because she also wasn't busy. We arrived and expositors from Intel wasn't there so.. there ww came back and here I am.. doing nothing again until 2pm which I will have a scheduled audit to do.



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Haha thanks guys I also think I know what cameraphone is replacing this one too.


Well today I woke up and I am still feeling shit haha

the massive running sesh on Tuesday has left my legs destroyed and walking round the city also wore them out haha


2km warm up, 4km hill sesh (150m up hill hard, 75 jog back down, 75 up hill hard, jog back down 150 then repeat this 9 times) then 2km warm down.


I am supposed to have a 10km steady run tonight, we shall see how that goes :lol:

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Got my longboard in the mail, which I bought prior to my back injury. I'm gonna ride it around campus instead of walking, I tried it earlier today and giving it a push every now and then is much less of a strain than walking 30 minutes to class. Yay, I can finally get around!

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