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A different kind of contest @ OCC 2013

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  • CPU: i5-2500k @ 4.2ghz
  • Motherboard: MSI P67A-G43
  • RAM: 8GB Gskill 1333
  • GPU: Zotac GTX 560 1GB
  • Storage: WD Caviar Black 500GB 7200rpm
  • Chassis: Antec 900
  • Cooling: Hyper 212+
  • PSU: Antec BP550
  • Display: (2) 23" Acer S232HLA
  • Audio: Astro A30's
  • Keyboard: Das Keyboard Professional
  • Mouse: SteelSeries Kinzu Optical




Thanks for the contest :)

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Intel i5 2500K

Windows 7 Home Premium 64

Asus P8P67 Deluxe

16GB DDR3 Corsair Vengeance 1600

EVGA GTX 460 x2 in SLI

Corsair Force 120GB SSD

Seagate 500GB Barracuda

Antec 900 II case

Corsair tx750 PSU

HP 2311x

HP w2207h

Creative 5.1 speakers

Logitech Illuminated keyboard

Microsoft Intelli Mouse


Corsair H50 CPU cooler

APC Back-UPS NS 1250

Razer Carcharias headset


Country: USA



Thx Bosco

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I could upgrade my computer. Sweet Jebus! /Inserts memeface_sweet_jesus.jpg


Now let's see what we have here...


CPU: Intel Q8300 @ 2507Mhz (Yup, that's right, an impressive 7Hz overclock on stock cooling, I knew I'd fit in well here. (Any higher and my LAN adapter doesn't receive an IRQ.)


RAM: 2Gb DDR2 667Mhz generic mismatched sticks. (Transcend/Hyundai Electronics)


GPU: 512Mb Gigabyte ATI HD 4350 ; 80 @ 680mhz. (More overclocking, You people must love me right now.)


PSU: Generic 250w from FSP Group .inc


Motherboard: ECS G31T-M7 LGA 775


Audio: Onboard


Case: Generic el-cheapo box by some company called Zixaa. (Custom modded via a heavy kick to the side door. - Airflow has improved slightly since then.)


Storage: Sata: 500Gb Samsung HD502HI ; 1000Gb Samsung HD 103SI ; 250Gb Toshiba MK2552GSX ; Uhhh.. 250Gb "St9250315AS"


Storage: IDE: 80Gb "ST380011A"


Country: South Africa


That's all you need right? I suuuurrre hope so.


Edit: Just been reading some of the previous pages.. Why do you people need to upgrade when you have modern stuff? WHYYYY? Is an i7 2600k not good enough for your needs? Do you really need that third GTX 680? The answer, Yes, We're all computer enthusiasts, and by definition that means we all need the best there possibly is.

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  • CPU: Intel Core i7 930 @ 3.8GHz (Daily Usage)
  • Motherboard: Asus Rampage II Extreme
  • RAM: 6GB of Team XtreemDark DDR3 (3X2GB Sticks)
  • GPU: Sapphire Radeon HD5870 Vapor-X OC Edition
  • Storage: Dual Seagate 500GB SATAII + Western Digital MyBook Essential 1TB
  • Chassis: NZXT Tempest Evo
  • Cooling: Zalman CNPS10X Extreme
  • PSU: FSP Everest 700Watt Modular
  • Display: Chimei 23LH 23" LCD
  • Soundcard: Stock soundcard bundled with the motherboard
  • Audio: Altec Lansing VS-4621 (Speaker) + Roccat Kave (Headset) + Audio-Technica ATH-M30 (Headphone)
  • Keyboard: Logitech Illuminated keyboard
  • Mouse: Logitech MX-518


Country: Indonesia


Notes regarding different CPU speed in the list above and the signature.

I use 3.8GHz as my daily usage OC settings, while the 4.5GHz OC settings are for experiment only. Apparently my CPU cooler can't handle the heat from 4.5GHz OC'ed processor.. :lol:

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CPU: AMD Phenom II x4 970BE

Motherboard: MSI 785GM-E51

RAM: 4GB Strontium DDR3 PC3-10700

GPU: Sapphire 5670 1GB

Storage: WD 320GB 7,200 RPM, WD 160GB 7,2000 RPM & 1TB Portable USB 3.0

Chassis: iBall

Cooling: Stock Cooler

PSU: XTech 550W

Display: 16" LG

Audio: Sennheiser HD 518

Keyboard: Razer BlackWidow Ultimate

Mouse: Razer Lachesis


Country: India

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AMD FX 4100 @ 4.0 GHZ

Asus M5A97

8GB G-skill 1600 mhz

Nvidia 550 ti

1TB Seagate HD

Noctua NH-U9B SE2 92mm heat sink

Apex 500w PSU

Samsung 23 inch led

Logitech Z506 speakers

Lightscribe DVD burner

Dynax Keyboard


United states

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Sweet, I would like to try my luck.


  • CPU: Intel E5400 2.7GHZ
  • Motherboard: Intel DG31PR
  • RAM: 2GB x 2 Kingston DDR2 800mhz
  • GPU: Palit GTX560 SE ( from Sapphire 5750 )
  • Storage: Seagate 500GB x2, Seagate 320GB, Seagate 160GB
  • Chassis: CoolerMaster Elite 371
  • Cooling: Stock Cooler
  • PSU: Gigabyte Superb 550W
  • Display: 22" AOC
  • Audio: Onboard, Altec Lansing BXR1321
  • Keyboard: Logitech Keyboard K100
  • Mouse: Genius Netscroll 120


Country: Philippines

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CPU: Intel core i7 870

Motherboard: EVGA P55 SLI

RAM: Corsair XMS3 16GB

GPU: Nvidia 8800 GTX SLI

HDD: 2x WD2500 KS

Chassis: Thermaltake Armor

Cooling: Intel supplied

PSU: OCZ Fatal1ty 750W

Display: Acer x263w

Audio: Creative X-FI Platinum

Mouse: Logitech Mx518

Keyboard: Logiteck Mx3000


Country: USA


Great Contest

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I7-930 @ 3.4

Asus P6T-SE

12GB Corsair XMS3 C9 9-9-9-24

Corsair HX850

Sapphire HD 5850 Vapor-X and Sapphire HD 5850 Xtreme CF 765/1125

Cooler Master HAF 922

Cooler Master Hyper 212+ w/ 2 fans in push/pull

LG 22x writer

Western Digital 1TB Caviar Black

Intel 320 120GB SSD


Samsung B2330H

Altec Lansing VS 2621

Steelseries 7H

Razer Abyssus

Das Keyboard Ultimate S



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CPU: i7 950

MB: ASUS Rampage III Formula

Memory: 12GB

Graphics: EVGA GTX 670 FTW

SSD 120 GB OCZ Vertex III

HDD: 2 TB 5900 rpm

PSU: Corsair AX850

Case: Coolermaster HAF 922

Monitor(s): 24" asus 1080p

KB: Logitech G19

Mouse: Corsair Vengance

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Case; Zalman GS1000 Black Tower

Motherboard ; Asus Sabertooth Z77

CPU ; Intel Core I7 3770-K unlocked

Memory ; Corsair Vengeance 8 gb

Graphics card ; Asus Geforce GTX 560 TI Overclocked

Power supply ; Corsair GS700

SSD; Patriot Pyro SE 120 gb

HDD; Western Digital 2tb

Keyboard; Logitech G15 orange

Mouse; Medion erazer

Monitor 1; Medion 20''

Monitor 2; Acer TV 20''

Headset 1; Medion Erazer

Headset 2 (broken x_X) ; Corsar HS1A

Headset 3 (also broke x_X) ; Creative Fatal1ty

Speakers; Silver crest surround sound 5.1

Additional controller ; Logitech Momo racing wheel force feedback


Country Belgium

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Intel Core2 Quad Q9550 2.85gHz

Asus P5Q-E

G.Skill 2x4GB DDR2 PC2 6400

EVGA Nvidia gForce 8800 GTS 512K

OCZ ModXStreme 700W

1 WD VelociRaptor 300GB

1 WD RE3 500GB

Arctic Frezzer Pro

Lian-Li 65

Asus Xonar DX

Axiom AudioBytes V3



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