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Er...hello I guess?


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Hi All,



Just thought I might aswell say hi, even though I've been here since July, I didn't notice this part of the forums, due to my mouse having an apparent inability to scroll down. :pfp:


Anyway, enough of that, I'm here now, and wanted to say hi to everyone; a bit about myself, I come from London, England, and go to college. I am interested in computers and gaming, I also do some VB and C++ scripting, although I do not appear to be able to compile a script without atleast 1 billion errors, but hey, I try. :doh:


Oh, and I'm kinda disaster prone so if any of you hear of a guy who tripped over a motherboard and ended up falling into a power supply that just happened to be open, just be sure to say hi to me ;)



Anyway, that's about as interesting as I get I'm afraid, so hopefully speak to some of you around the forums




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