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Finished my first WC build

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I finally finished my first "real" WC setup, and I think it came out pretty great so I thought Id share.





Up & running



Only surprise so far was the temps in Rivatuner for the GPU, which had CPU 1 at 3200*F and CPU 2 at a more reasonable 930*F. lol

Catalyst shows a more believable 127*F & 120*F temps on the GPU, but I cannot figure out why RT is not working when its usually great.


Temps on the CPU are pretty much the same compared to the CoolIT I had, but the GPU temps are already 25~30* cooler which is what I was really after, and of course getting rid of that stupid loud fan on the stock 4870x2 cooler. :wacko:

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whats your case? kinda looks like a Coolmaster, did you cut the top off so you can have the 360 Rad up top?

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The case is a cheap Sunbeam Evo, it looks a lot like one of the Coolermasters but is smaller and the USB/audio plugs are on the side vs the top.

It's def a cheap case, but looks great & works just fine.


I chopped a huge hole in the top for the 360mm rad, didn't even think twice considering how cheap the case is. Lol


Took me a while to get all the parts I needed due to a pretty tight budget (too many expensive hobbies already) but I'm happy with it. Nothing extreme, but it should handle everything I plan to ever throw at it.


Couple questions I still have are about the pump & rad fans. I don't have a controller for them but have the pump hooked to the psu so it runs full power all the time, and I have the fans connected to the mobo so I can keep them turned down until I need the airflow. Does this sound about right? How important is a dedicated controller for the fans & pump besides the obvious convenience of adjusting?

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