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Back again needing help

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Alright so a little while ago I started a topic on new computer components for my computer unfortunately I had to cancel my order due to some things coming up. So now my computer has been running and my computer stopped last night after I cleaned some dust out of it (I had myself grounded and everything I didn't touch the motherboard or anything) It doesn't boot at all just turns on fans for a little bit and turns off. So I did some research and I told my mom it was the motherboard and she wants me to have proof it's dead. So that's where you guys, and girls come in. I need you to give me reasons why it's dead and If I'm wrong and what is the actual problem. My mom says I have to get it for my birthday (my birthday is in less then 3 weeks which sucks because I wanted to buy some other things) and I will have to buy new RAM with it because I currently have DDR2 Ram.


If it is the motherboard I am thinking about the getting the GA-870A-UD3 with some RAM from best buy if you guys know any other motherboards that are better and or cheaper then this then please feel free to post about.

Alright so it's either buy a new case with the motherboard (assuming it's dead) or buy a smaller micro atx. Please suggest a case too


Specs: AMD athlon II x4 620 2.6GHz, PNY GT 620 1gb, 6GBs DDR2 RAM, Violet 3.02 motherboard, 520 Watt Dynex PSU



Notes: I tried a different power supply and that did not seem to fix it. I'm looking for an AM3+ motherboard as I am looking to upgrade in the future if I find more money. (maybe in a year or two)

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it is possible u damaged something by static or bent something


take the whole computer apart

check capacitors for broken connections

remove cmos battery to clear memory then reassmble core parts and reseat cpu then do a post test (not inside the case and do it on a non conductive surface)

make sure all the plugs are connnected tight and use onboard first for testing

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