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Ready for a Serious Audio Upgrade

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So I think it may be time to upgrade from my M-Audio AV40s and go to something with some more power and accuracy. Also I have two powered AV40's(one should be unpowered). So I have to control the volume on each one :-/ . Which is really annoying. Here is what I am looking at...


Pre-Amp - Motherboard should work fine (also my mobo has no space for a Sound card)


Amp/Receiver - Integra 50.2 (or similar) eBay $200ish


Speakers - Triad In-Room Silver LCR's 3X $1600

Also was looking at the Triad In-room Silver Satellites 2X $800


Sub Polk (already have) 0$



Any ideas as for Amps and/or Receivers? I am almost set with the speaker choice.

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i wouldn't spend 1600 on speakers and then plug them into my onboard sound card. they make usb sound cards that'd be better than onboard and are still pretty cheap. just my 2c

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Do you really feel you need $1600 speakers?


Also as its all 2ch get an audioengine d1 USB dac use the RCA outs although I am going to say it now get some powered monitors from audioengine, swan or so on. Might be around $4-500.


Then you also have you D1 which works as a more than capeable headphone amp and you can go grab yourself a nice set of headphones.


Also if you grab monitors like the audioengine a5+ you will have an RCA preout for your sub.

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dont spend 1600$ on speakers buddy....


the first question


do you have a 55" TV or larger?

if not - what are you upgrading for? you dont need such a nice setup for music

you just need a good amp with dac and some decent speakers

expensive speaker setups are for surround sound or multi room


just get some 200-400$ polk or klipsch speakers

your whole setup might cost 1000$ for great quality

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