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Overclocking i7-2700k with Asus P8z77V-PRO


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Okay guys I'm back to the experts here!! looking to know your oppinion! So i just got my vacations :D soon i'll be an electronic Engineer, 1st of all my english isn't that well :(, but i'll do my best.

So like i said im on vacations and now i have time to overclock, i failed many times before, i think the problem was that iwas using prime95 32 bits version but now those problems are gone with the prime 95 64bits. Important part of my Rig are:


H100 Corsair Cooling

Intel Core i7-2700k

Asus P8z77V-PRO

500r Corsair Case.


Bios Settings base on this page http://www.overclock.net/t/1100100/info-intel-2500k-2600k-overclocking-tips


SOOOOOOOOOOOO!! last night i started with 4.0ghz with Vcore 1.20v! Using Prime 95, setting it with Custom Settings: 1344min and ax FFT for 20 mins and 1792 min and max for 20mins, 6gb Ram used out of 8GB and time to FFT each minute to " 1 "

THEY BOTH PASSED did the same with 41xBLCK 100Mhz, Vcore 1.20v PASSED same tests, 42x BLCK100Mhz, Vcore 1.20v PASSED BOTH TESTS


At 43xBLCK 100MHZ= 4.3Ghz with Vcore 1.20v Stock voltage of my cpu! i HAD MY 1ST BOSD :D!!! when i ran 1344FT i got BSOD ERROR 0X0000124


I added more vcore +0.25

So back to stable i had 43x100Mhz, Vcore 1.50v, Based on CPUID Software i had 1.248v Idle and 1.264v Load, 59°-62°C, 1.3561VID

prime 95 test with 1344FFT and 1792FFT, 6gb RAM used BOTH PASSED :thumbsup:


now 44x100Mhz=4.4ghz, Vcore 1.50v, Based on CPUID Software i had 1.248v Idle and 1.264v Load, 61°-64°C,

prime95 test with 1344FFT and 1792FFT, 6gb Ram used BOTH PASSED :biggrin:


now 45x100Mhz= 4.5Ghz, Vcore 1.50v, 1.248v Iddle with prime95 test, using 1344 FFT I HAD MY 2DO BSOD ERROR: 0X000124 :-/


i added more vcore +0.25

back to stable i had 45x100Mhz, Vcore 1.75v, 1.272v Idle, 1.288v Load, 13611VID, 98.3-100.3wattage, 61°-65°C

using prime95 test with 1344FFT-1792FFT with 20 mins in both cases THEY BOTH PASSED :woo:


now 46x100Mhz= 4.6Ghz, Vcore 1.275v, 1.272v Idle, 1.288v Load, using prime95 test with 1344FFT and 1792FFT BSOD ERROR 0X0124 :-/


i added more vcore +0.010v and i had 46x100Mhz, Vcore 1.285 BSOD AGAIN ERROR 0X000101 :-/


i added more vcore +0.05v with 46x100Mhz, Vcore 1.290v BSOD AGAIN ERROR 0X0124


i added another +0.05v with 46x100Mhz, Vcore 1.295v, 1.296v Idlle :erm: , 1.312v load :huh: , Temps = 61°-65°C

running test on prime95 with 1344FFT= PASSED

with 1792FFT= 1 ERROR, 0 WARNINGS :-/

i ran Intel Burn Test, Very High = 4096Mb of Ram, temps = 66°-74°C, times to run = 5, I HAD BSOD 0X0101 on the 4th Gfloops!! :fp:


I GUESS I'M CLOSE, my goal is 4.6Ghz Rock Stable!!, Because i just use my PC for gaming, and some software like Labview, MATLAB, MPlab etc., and i want my CPU to last many years :D, so From now on ill be running P95 test and Intel Burn test!!


so i added more vcore +0.05v, with 46x100Mhz, Vcore 1.300v, 1.296v Idle, 1.312 Load, Temps = 63-68°C

using p95 test with 1344FFT i had BSOD 0x0124!!


Well, another 0X124 ERROR, on many guides i've read that error apparently is not always about Vcore, it could be a change of memory ( wich it wasn't i checked them all), the C States ( all Auto) and the PLL Voltage, the guide says i had, to start setting it from the highest 1.9v or the lowest 1.5/1.6v SO I DID THAT i set the PLL Voltage with 1.5v


So with 1.5v PLL VOLTAGE, 1.300v Vcore, 46x100Mhz, on p95 test with 1344FFT BSOD APPEARS!! 0X00124 ( ADDING MORE VOLTAGE TO THE PLL )

with 1.6v PLL VOLTAGE, 1.300v Vcore, 46x100Mhz, on p95 test with 1344FFT PASSED!! but 1792 FFT: BSOD 0X0101 :( ( ADDING MORE VCORE!! +0.25v)


8am Very sleeeeepy ZZzzZzZzZZ


with 46x100Mhz, Vcore 1.325v, 1.328 Idle, 1.344 Load :erm: Temps= 64°-68°C, 1.3661v VID, 100-103.1Wattage

using P95 Test with 6gb Ram Used out of 8gb with 1344FFT & 1792FFT = THEY BOTH PASSED :woo:

using INTEL BURN TEST, Very High: 4096mb of RAM, Time to run =5, Temps = 71°-78°C PASSED!!! :woo:

http://capture3un.png Uploaded with ImageShack.us

I know i have to do a Overnight test!, So this is why i'm here, How should i do the overnight test??, i won't do it many times cuz ill get bored.. i want to use my PC

Should i use the " Blend " Option of P95 for 12 hours?? or any other i've seen OCCT? are P95 & Intel Burn test a good stress tester??


i also have a few Questions!!!


1)Why when i set the BLCK TO 100 Mhz it appears 99.8Mhz on CPUID, for example on CPUID i get = Core Speed = 4589.71Mhz,Multplier = x46.0

Bus Speed= 99.8Mhz, ???????? :mad:


2) Why am i getting this stable results with such low Voltage i mean i managed to get 4.2Ghz with Stock voltage (1.20v), 4.5Ghz with ( 1.275v) BASED ON This GUIDE = http://www.overclock.net/t/910467/the-ultimate-sandy-bridge-oc-guide-p67a-ud7-performance-review it says

Stock-4GHz on Stock VID

4.0-4.3GHz 1.300v-1.325v

4.3-4.5GHz 1.325v-1.375v

4.5-4.8GHz 1.375v-1.450v CLearly i reaching those Frequencies with 1.20v+ i think that's good but isn't that wierd??? what's going on


3) BASED ON Real Temp Software Why the 4th Core always has such low TEMPERATURE compared with the others 3???



Well Guys i hope i get answers if you wonder about anything on the progress just ask me! i wrote down EVERYTHING!, wattage, vcore iddle and load, temps, etc etc..

I hope i'm doing it well.. 1st time overclocking

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