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DMark11 problem

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Agreed wevs - disable the Hybrid SLI. It's not going to do anything but cause issues.


As for the PhysX thing - 3DMark11 by default uses the CPU for PhysX. Games will use your GPU by default (though you can change this in your driver control panel if you wish). Now that you know the PhysX score was messing up your benchmarking you can tackle your overclock properly. :)

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Thanks guys,

Sorry about the hybrid SLI. My memory problems (mine, not the RAM) make life a bit difficult to remember to tell you absolutely everything. Also sorry to take a while for this problem.


I'll look for a list on google and see what I come up with.

I'll also disable Hybrid SLI. There's no way I know whether it helped or hindered in the past.


Back later .... C


Okay I'm back. You are right, wevs, the 670 is not compatible with Hybrid SLI.

I disabled Hybrid SLI in BIOS and checked nVidia control panel to make sure there was no SLI. The rig is set as it was for the good benchmark now.


I ran 3DMark 11 with the CPU as PhysX processor and again with the GTX670 as the PhysX processor, hoping the results could tell me something. But no, it made no difference.

I'll paste the text comparison for you to see. I need help to figure out how to let you see my result on the Futuremark result website.

Can you tell me what affects the Physics score in this benchmark. If there are specific items I might be able to check each individual item to see if there is something I overlooked.



Why does my RAM run at 667mhz? It is CorsairXMS at 1600mhz. The CPU Vcore is 1.504 volts in the BIOS hardware monitor.

Even more information: I had run 3DMark 06 before all this and the score was over 21,000. Today's score is 17,617. Proving the problem is with my computer, not Futuremark.

The SM2.0 score = 7594. The HDR/SM3.0 score = 10596. The CPU score = 3096. I'm no expert but this suggests to me that the problem lies with the CPU. Am I right?


Edit: For those reading this post I flashed the BIOS and the missing cores showed up.

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