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Microsoft One Note


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Does anyone have any experience with this software? I am working with a group on a project for work and we have been instructed to use One Note as a single database. The problem is, we were told that one guy (our manager) would take all of our updates, combine them into one, then she would synch it with our server (we don't have access to saving stuff on the server). The problem is, while One Note is really good at adding pages to the different sections, it's not good at combining pages into one.


For example, say we have a data projection with some numbers for the next ten years. If one number is off, it can change dozens of graphs. However coworker A sees the issue and corrects it on his machine before sending it to the boss to upload to the server. The server's master copy can only be changed by the manager and everyone else can synch to it to get updates and corrections.


Now, the easiest way I can see this working is simply deleting the old page and inserting the corrected page then synch with the server. However, this being a government office, they don't like the idea of deleting things (it's above my pay grade). Is there any way to satisfy them and have a magic button that applies changes to specific pages automatically or will it have to be done manually?



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