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Hey guys,

I am trying to decide between two monitors:








I'm leaning towards the 25 inch HP monitor. It is glossy, which is what I want. The pixel pitch is 0.288mm vs 0.272mm of the Asus monitor.

They both have the same 1080 resolution, although being the 25 inch monitor, the quality is going to suffer a bit though, especially with the higher pixel pitch. Having said that, on Newegg, these two monitors are the SAME PRICE, basically. The Asus monitor is 2ms vs the HP which is a 5ms.


I can also choose to buy the HP monitor from Amazon for $232.54. This means extra almost 50 dollars in price for the non-refurbished version from Amazon, BUT, I heard Amazon has an awesome return policy. Although there seems to be a very low rate of any dead/stuck pixels in this particular monitor, should I go with Amazon instead?



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I personally steer clear of refurbished monitors, although I know others like saving the money.


With that said, I'd still go with the ASUS because of the lower pixel pitch. It'll give a nicer looking image in the long run, which is beneficial imo. The response time is meaningless. Anything under 12ms is perfectly fine.

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