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What memory should I buy?

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Hi everyone! Good day to all.

Okay, so I have this laptop of mine, and it has only 2Gb ram, I want to upgrade to 6Gb by adding 4Gb of ram, I know that it has DDR2 ram right now, but I don't know which one? DDR2 667, DDR2 800 or something else. It was used when I brought it, so can't contact the manufacturer (and the guy from whom I purchased doesn't knows this much details).

So my question is

1. What is the current frequency of the ram installed in my laptop? (667, 800, 1033?)

2. What is max memory frequency it can support? (667, 800?)


I am attaching the screenshots of CPU-Z. (I know there are all details in there but I don't know how to find them!)




So, can any one help me to know what memory should i buy? like ddr2 800 or some other?

ps : and if u can, please tell me how did u found it out from the data shown in cpu-z?

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DDR2 means double data rate. So from CPU-Z you are currently running at 667mhz (332.1mhz x 2 = 664.2mhz).


You just need to make sure you can actually install two more sticks of ram into your system. Most laptops only have two ram slots, and I'm guessing yours is occupied with two 1gb sticks. Thus you will need to purchase all new ram instead of adding to your existing supply. I would open up your laptop and verify the number of ram slots you have available.

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