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VIA WM8650 7 Inch TFT Touchpad Android 2.2 Tablet Software reset?


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Ok quick skinny....


My kid brought me this no name Android tablet that cant get to the home screen and its running Android 2.2.


Apparently he's installed something or uninstalled something that wont allow it to boot properly. There is NO Name on this thing and the only info I can find is that it has a Via Arm926 CPU other than that there is NO info on the thing....


as soon as you hit the power button you get this message...




The application wmtLauncher (process com.wmt.launcher) has stopped unexpectedly.

please try again.

(Force Close)


I get a Black screen behind it and thats all... I get the top row of touch buttons with the Home (house) and Volume, Menu and Back buttons but they dont do anything...


If I mess with hitting the Force Close a few times a screen pops up thats Fring the friends app... then it pops up the same error and that screen goes away....


It never loads any farther and the same error is repeated over and over....it doesnt load enough to get to the Settings button to do a factory reset from within....


I tried the Reset button on the side (tiny pinhole) but thats just a Hardware reset and did nothing for the software side... beings its no name I cant find instruction and I'lll bet they dont incluse the key press to do it manually...


I tried holding down the Power and the Menu and Power and Volume and Power and Home and anytime you hold the power it will power cycle....


Everything I find on Google says do it via the settings icon but there has to be a way to do it manually like a cell phone where you hold certain keys during boot.... any idea???



EDIT: here is exactly what it looks like



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Bowtie - per our IMs;



ROM Update instructions for Wonder Media WM8650


1. This process does not delete data from the SD cards

2. This process will install a new version of the Android 2.2 operating system.

a. The new installation will delete all of your applications and they will need to

be re-installed.

3. Go to www.crashzilla.com\support

a. You should do this from a regular computer

b. Click on the Wonder Media WM 8650 7" Android 2.2 Custom ROM

c. Download the .zip file

d. Extract the contents of the zip on a PC and copy the files to the root

directory of a FAT32 formatted MicroSD card

i. The extracted files must be placed in the root directory of the


e. Insert the card in to the Wonder Media WM8650 and power on the tablet

i. The installation will be automatic

4. After the update you will be prompted to remove the MicroSD card

a. Make sure you either delete or move the update files from the root of the

MicroSD card to a directory. Otherwise the update will run every time you

reboot your tablet which will wipe the tablet again.

i. Previously installed applications will need to be reinstalled

1. Any that you purchased will still be available

b. Feel free to contact us with any questions via email at [email protected]

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Learned how to flash the ROM with wevsspot's help... using the Stock based rom I attempted to flash the tablet... it flashed but hung at Copying pre files to Local Disk.... after an hour around there I just turned it off and removed the SD card and it booted fine.... froze as soon as it hit the home screen...


The Bright side is the error is gone... bad side it didnt work correctly.... I tried to reflash it and got the same issue.


Flashed another rom and it bricked right at the back up old rom screen....


So today I learned how to Successfully brick a tablet :)

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been white screen bricking it all night and bringing it back with the WonderMedia WM8650 ROM


most of the others are set for 800x480 resolution and the stock rom is 800x600 and changing the other roms env_boot doesnt help... currently the WM ROM always brings it back from bricked state but has no touch screen so I am fooling aroung modifying the env_boot file to see if I can get the touch screen working like it did in the beginning... been a long, long day and a decent learning curve


simple lesson? dont buy a 60-80 dollar tablet... spend the money and get a good one... I am glad i didnt buy this

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good success today... been fooling around with the stock WM8650 ROM that I downloaded but is for an 8in tablet... that rom always brought it back from a white screen bricked state.


I started trying to modify the stock rom with little to no success so i got the Uberoid v12beta ROM and tried that... it always resulted in a white screen bricked state.


I then took the env_boot file from the stock ROM and swapped it with the Uberoid file...


Still no work... I then had it mentioned to also swap the wmt_scriptcmd file from the stock rom and replace the Uberoid one...


This worked and I was able to load versions of Uberoid to the tablet.... although all of them with no working touch screen or sound... mixing and matching various parts of the stock rom and the Uberoid stuff I figured out what worked and what didnt work... most all of it.


I also joined the Tech Know forums where this is all from and got some direction there... if was a regular member who suggested I try a ROM build thats not even for my tablet by looks but he swears he has it for one just like mine and he modded the env_boot file and the wmt_scriptcmd file...


Issue I had was the screen resolution was set to 8inch screen so i couldnt see what was doing when it was done... but the 7in Uberoid one white screens...


The custom files set the flash screen correctly so i could see when the flash was done as I was just guessing and leaving it set 20 minutes each time....

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Yes Wev's and I owe it all to you buddy for coaxing my to try it and pointing me in the right direction. Had it not been for that it would have remained on my desk for a few weeks, months whenever my kid took it back home to prolly throw in the trash.


I have flashed this tablet maybe 75 times over the 30 hour period and White screen bricking it 50 of those.....


But now from the help of several people I have a fully working fully functioning tablet with WiFi....


if I was smart enough I can enable 3G and also turn this thing into a phone... wouldnt I look white and nerdy...LOL

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