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WTB 1366 or 1155 CPU


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As I'm in the middle of parting out my rig so I can upgrade...


I would like to buy or trade for a ...i7 920(pref. 950) and up (1366)..or an i5 2500k(if the price is right) :evilgrin:


I live in Italy..

I have an FPO address to ship to for people selling in the states...


to trade or sell: (my current rig)


Gigabyte P35-DS3R

Intel q9300 @ 3.33ghz

8GB Geil Evo One 800mhz CL5 4x2GB

MSI N8800GTX OC 768mb w/DD copper WC block

Rosewill RT550 Turbo Series 550w PSU

Swiftech MCP355

Thermaltake TMG2 with original box and accessories



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