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Fan controllers

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Hi Guys,


Had a question about fan controllers and multiple fan set ups, especially with rads. Can you link, for example, 3 fans that are running on 1 rad to your fan controller so that when you adjust that speed, you adjust all 3 simultaniously? My thinking is that with so many fans, if you are running 2 rads , 120.3 and 120.2, thats 5 fans that need individual control (or 10 if in a push/pull setup)? then there may be other inlet/exhast fans that need controlling as well? Joining 2 or 3 together to a single channel would seem like the ideal way to do it.


Thanks for your help.

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If you look at something like these you can flip a switch between 5 and 12v or 7 and 12v depending on what you would want.

These ones are rated to 60watts per channel and have been tested to 300watts across the whole thing now chances of you having enough fans to come close is remote in reality you could tie one rad to one switch another to the other then tie some case fans to the other switches to allow for zoned control as to 5 or 7v or if you want more control you would have to work out what you need.





Then you have something like these controller that is a bit more complex and featured. They have control from 0-12v and 4 channels at 20watts per channel (FC6) and 30watts per channel (FC5 V2) and display on the colour changing led displays temps and speeds.




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