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Phone got water damage and its 2 months untill upgrade time!(SOLVE

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Ok so I went swimming with my phone... Anyways everything works except my phone will not charge my battery when the battery is dead. I would like to have a method of charging my phone when its dead so I dont have to take it to the store and trade in a battery everytime I want to use it. I dont want to buy a phone full price right now, I want to save my money for the galaxy s3. Would you guys recommend I get an external charger or something for when I forget to charge my phone and it dies? And I did this method and it didn't work. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ve2h89EiRUY&feature=related


btw I have an Htc desire. I might be able to talk my carrier (US Cellular) to let me upgrade at the end of this month (when the galaxy s3 releases for US Cellular).


Soo any comments will be gladly appreciated :thumbsup:

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