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GTX 470 and BF3

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Hey Shurman are you sure they don't have some waterblocks laying around at performance-pcs that you could put in. A decent overclock my bring you up or even grab another for SLI??

Oh I'm sure they do. I've been wanting to SLI for a while, but I have a few reservations about going that route. First, I would need a larger case, as I want more than a few mm between my cards for airflow. Second, I am into editing HD video, so the second card would not add extra usable vRAM for me (which I so desperately need for large video editing tasks). Third, and probably most notable, is the fact that I am on my last year of college, on rotations, basically working full time for no pay. Any and all money that I ever owned has been long gone :( My dad currently has reign over that situation, and unfortunately he is not as lucrative as Nyt's dad is!


Anyway, my ideal situation would be to upgrade to a CM Storm Trooper case, throw in a Phanteks CPU cooler, and maybe get a GTX 670 for the extra vRAM and game performance. A moot dream currently, but maybe sometime!


Edit: In terms of watercooling, I would probably just throw on an Accelero Xtreme Plus II and call it a day. Since I'm on rotations, I move my PC around too much and have it on its side entirely too often to consider watering it down.

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