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Space, Advancement of humanity?

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I'm with Waco on this, once big natural resource companies that do oil drilling, mineral drilling, etc. get involved. They'll probably be the first to head out into space.


No doubt there's big money waiting out there in the solar system.

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Here's the reasons to go out into space:

1. Resources

2. War (having military installation in Space makes it easier to target enemy communication satellites and launch missile from outside the atmosphere into Earth, so if North Korea shot missile from outside the orbit, they could target anywhere, instead of having limited range as they do right now)

3. Corporate driven Science (no longer top priority, at least from government funded scientific research. Most of the funding for outer space research is granted by private industries)


Reasons why we should aside from those:

1. Overpopulation. We also shouldn't put all our eggs in one basket. If disaster strikes Earth, say bye-bye humans. If we started to colonize and explore different inhabitable planets, if Earth goes bye-bye, humans can still exist.

2. To find intelligent lifeforms instead of them finding us. If intelligent aliens found our home planet, we wouldn't know whether they were peaceful or not until it was too late. If we found hostile intelligent aliens out there first, we could at least prepare.

3. Science driven Science. We should be exploring space because we want to find more answers to the Universe we live in.

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I don't see the point in space travel. Why not spend that time on improving life on Earth? We haven't even discovered all the animals and plant species in the jungles and deep sea. How about focusing on the planet we live in instead of venturing out in space where it costs millions more resources to get there. Space exploration is pretty cool, but I think thats all it is. "Pretty cool". I think most people will disagree with me, but Id rather see that money go into research facilities in hospitals and education.

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