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Choosing Paint For Chassis

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Rustoleum Appliance Epoxy is by far the hardest paint you can buy in a 1-part mix. As long as you want white or black, in gloss, it's the only real option. :P

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For plastic parts (assuming the color you want exists) I prefer vinyl dye/paint > krylon plastic paint. Not that the krylon doesn't work it's just my personal preference since the vinyl paint has always worked great on flexible plastics like cords/cables without coming off. I also want to note lots of thin coats (each layer is barely about sprinkled on) has always given me the results I want, which my wife doesn't have the patience for and I can't watch her use spray paints because I don't have the patience to see her do 2 thick coats and be 'done'.

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I had Excellent Results with Rust-oleum on an Antec 900 Drilled out rivits sanded and steel wooled every square inch 3 coats of primer in a 6 hr period (In Florida sun)

This Mod was done in 08-09 and holding up well Now 3 years later with new parts etc etc


used 3 Colors Garnet Metalic Gold and Flat/Semi Black





Sanded and Primed 3 coats




Sorry for the blurry shot it was a cheap point and shoot camera



The Gold was a bit tougher you need to be meticulous with your prep and aplications of ANY Metallic colors or you will see every imperfection in the prep and paint application as this pic below demonstrates



as you can see with this pis the back panel was OUter Garnet and Inner Gold



and 3+ years later here its still is


Though I was a carpenter/cabinet builder for 18 years and have had a lot of experience in finishing wood I had never done Metal but i just followed the basic principals

1) Prep Surface Thoroughly

2) Follow directions on Can on How to spray the paint (The Distance) and Drying time and you cant go wrong.. Good luck and have fun!

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