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BEWARE: Platinum Live Security

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There is another new virus on the prowl. Not much older than three hours judging by the resources available on the web.

My Grandmother just contracted this new virus this morning and almost paid for it. So please warn all your older, less computer savy relatives about this virus.

It calls itself Platinum Live Security and seems to be transmitted via a popup that tells you that your spyware software needs updated. About ten minutes after this popup was clicked, by her reckoning, the program popped up and took over. It starts throwing hundreds of virus warnings and offers to fix them, you just need to create an account and buy the full version of the software.


Removal Guides:(i have not tested any of these yet, will post when i do)

Trojan Killer .com

2 Viruses .com



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These things are nasty. They used to be a pain to get rid of a few years ago, and have since gotten even smarter and bury themselves even further than they used to.


Almost all of these (and probably this one too) will re-associate the *.exe extension with this software, making it impossible to even run something like regedit, cmd, even task manager/etc.


I hope this crap is against the law somewhere. It's fraud!

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