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Fastest 4k Random Read QD1 SSD


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For the longest time the 128GB Crucial c300 in SATA III has had the fastest 4k random read at QD1 (30.6MB/sec) followed by the 256GB c300 very closely (30.2MB/sec). The 128GB, because of the way the flash is set up I think 4k block sizes instead of 8k block sizes, it slightly out does the 256GB.


In my opinion 4k random read performance at QD1 is THE most important performance metric for an average everyday desktop user. This is the attribute of your ssd drives that makes windows load fast and makes programs load fast which is the whole reason for getting an ssd. As long as the drive is at least mediocre in the other 3 areas then you really only need to compare random read at QD1. The other queue depths are useless to an everyday desktop user that rarely sees above 1 or 2.


I have a hard time finding lots of information on qd1 stats for ssd's and the crucial c300's are starting to get hard to find. I also like the c300's because they use the 40nm flash that has much better endurance than the 25nm stuff. I currently have a 128GB c300 but I'm going to need a 256GB SSD for my bitfenix prodigy mini itx ivb + GTX 690 build and I have to buy the c300 soon before its completely gone unless someone has finally dethroned the king of qd1 4k random read.


Edit: Can't believe the prices on the crucial drives. The 256GB M4 is now selling for 199.99 on new egg. The crucial drives are one of the lowest per GB costs of any SSD with 4k random read qd1 up there at 26MB/sec which is really only second to crucial's own c300. I don't understand why people are even considering other SSD's when you can get the top performer of current generation ssd's for the cheapest price. Unless you are working with large video files and you need sequential performance everybody and their mom should only be buying crucial drives. The 256GB M4 is selling for less than what I paid for a 128GB drive (250).

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