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Need new Diablo 3 High/Max settings GPU

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Bad month I had. :(


First, I had to replace my new antec 620c with antec becaus it had a bad capactior


Next, I just got asus 5450 for $29.99 - $20 rebate but I F*cked up on the rebate!! :mad:


I sent in the wrong invoice/recipt from the antecPSU arGGH!!!1! :bang head


Then, my registry got corrupt by windows 7 manager registry cleaner and had to a fresh install... :bang head:mad::bang head:mad:


Well already got antec to send me a new unit last week and it's coming today.


also, i'm consdiering returning the video card to amazon and get whatever money I can get back....not sure how much money i would lose form the restocking fee but $30 seems a lot for a super low end card. i already knew that before I bought it because i wasn't intending on playing video games but i totally forgot about Dialbo 3 was coming out this year.


you can see my setup below in my sig but i want a card that meets three requirements please


1. is supported by 620W antec NEO ECO PSU


2. my budget is around $100-$200.


3. plays D3 on HIGH (or possibly even maximum) settings


4. Do I need to overclock?


5. Do I need an aftermarket cooler?


anyways here's a video list i put together for ya. there's plenty to choose from and if you know the answer you probably don't need the list anyway because you've probably done your research already. so i'm here to leech off your work heheh


but i honestly i dont' know which one has the best price / performance ratio.


anyone out ehre who knwos can reocmmend please?



High performance:


GeForce GTX 590

GeForce GTX 580

GeForce GTX 570

GeForce GTX 560 ti

GeForce GTX 550 ti

GeForce GTX 480

GeForce GTX 470

GeForce GTX 465

GeForce GTX 460

GeForce GTS 360M

GeForce GTX 295

GeForce GTX 285

Geforce GTX 280

Geforce GTX 280M

GeForce GTX 275

GeForce GTX 260

Quadro FX 5800



Radeon HD 6990

Radeon HD 6970

Radeon HD 6950

Radeon HD 6870

Radeon HD 6850

Radeon HD 6790

Radeon HD 6770

Radeon HD 6750

Radeon HD 5970

Radeon HD 5870

Radeon HD 5850

Radeon HD 5830

Radeon HD 5770

Radeon HD 5750

Radeon HD 4870 X2

Radeon HD 4870

Radeon HD 4850 X2

Radeon 4850 HD

Radeon HD 4800

FirePro 3D V8750

FirePro 3D V8700 Duo

FirePro 3D V8700

FireStream 9370

Firestream 9350

FireStream 9270

FireStream 9250


thank you and i appreciate your help

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yay! I decided to get a dual fan 560 TI 448 for under $200. i prolly overkill for d3 but i may wish to play other games in case.


i'm gonna oc the hell out of the frozr hehe no pun intended


i wonder how the oc would compare and if my psu has enough juice for it.

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I have heard that this card cools the GPU pretty well but it dumps hot air back into the case.


Would a PCI Slot Cooler be a good solution for this?

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As long as you have decent flow through your case you should be fine. :)

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I believe I have good airflow in my case. When I get a chance can I post a pic of my case to show you? I just want to be sure because I don't know much about the physics of airflow dynamics, etc. It would be nice to have a second or third opinion.

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