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27" main monitor + an IPS monitor

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I've been researching a number of these monitors and came across number of good and bad reviews on these monitors,

because seeing reviews like this is very off-putting.




It'd be great if someone here who has had experience with these monitors provide some recommendations...


so here are the list of IPS panels i'm deciding between:


21.5”.....5ms LG IPS 226V-PN

21.5”.....14ms Asus VS229N IPS-LED

23” .......5ms with IPS AOC i2352VH

23” .......LG IPS236V-PN (leaning towards this one)

23”........Asus ML239H


Additional Info:

-I'll be combo-ing one of these IPS panels with a 27" TN panel(main screen).

-mostly video editing, IPS monitor for the output display, and the 27" for timeline editing/gaming/everything else.

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