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Video walkthroughs complete/hard spots


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What do you guys think about starting a video walkthrough youtube channel? I'm debating whether to go on "requests" for particular hard spots in games, or to do entire games (I've got the first 7 or so episodes of Metro 2033 recorded already.)


I know there's a ton of channels out there for this, which is why I'm debating just doing the hard spots.


I was playing the Witcher 2 and completely demolished about 50 nekkers, 30 endregas, and the endrega queen on Dark in a combo that would've made Kratos jealous: And I realized the key thing about making walkthroughs is being able to beat a game easily/quickly; So I wanted to know what you guys think about another channel out there for this.


Btw, I'd probably incorporate sarcasm and humor into the guide videos: I don't want to just say "here's what to do": there's enough of that on youtube already.

*Edits: Typo correction.

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