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Shared system memory and VRAM usage

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Many games that I play leave about 2GB of system RAM available during gameplay, completely unused. Much of this empty RAM is available to be shared for graphics processing.


For these games I was wondering if it was okay to increase texture memory allotments (ie- Withcer 2: From 700MB to 1000MB). My graphics memory is as follows:

1024MB dedicated, 2815MB total available (including shared system memory.) I'm asking because this is 100% of my VRAM, meaning the system would be required to use RAM to store files intended for VRAM.


I usually wouldn't pull from system memory for this, but as I said many games leave a good portion of my RAM unallocated.


Either way, I'm going to try this and post if there's any change. But I was wondering if anyone knew off the top of their head the kind of effect this would have: As it may not happen in the first game I load up anyways, so it'd give me a head's up before I do it in a game that could be adversely effected.



Edit- Tried this in "The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enchanced Edition". Raised texture memory streaming to 1024MB (100% of my VRAM.) This change removed texture pop-ins. Haven't tried any other games yet. Will post if it works in them as I get to try them.

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