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Need Advice buying sound card


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What I have currently:

Logitech z5500

Gigabyte z77 ud5h mobo realtek onboard audio

have all the optical,coax, analog cables


Price point: $0-$120


What I'm looking for:

I watch a lot of movies from rental netflix, blockbuster, and etc. I would like to be able to get DTS, Dolby digital 5.1 passthrough to my speakers. I think max it supports is 96/24.


I also play a lot of games Battlefield 3, cod, and etc.. I would like to be able to have the best surround sound while playing these games.. From some forums they say bf3 supports dolby digital sound output but im not sure if thats true..


Dolby digtal live? is that whats it called it will output it in dd while playing games?


What I've found so far:

Creative x-fi titanium hd

ASUS xonar d2x


What i really need

Dolby digtal





Dts connect? DD live not sure what these are.. but if its good i want =]

I dont know much about sound cards so.. yea =/... some people said the creative x-fi titanium doesn't really support dts or dd

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yes, you'll need Dolby Digital Live / DTS Connect if you want "true" 5.1 , 6.1 , 7.1 gaming audio and a A/V receiver / 5.1 speakers to decode those such sound effects/tracks what you wanted.


but it seemed both Xi-fi Titanium and the Xonar DX2 doesn't supports DTS connect, and i have no idea which game titles around are DTS Connect encoded. how strange I cant find that Dolby Digital logo with my BF3, BFBC2 definitely supports DD.


anyway's, both cards that you are aiming at looks pretty good enough with your movies. i tried once hooking my rig's onboard audio with the Yamaha RX-V350 AV receiver (via Optical cable / mobo's SPDIF out) plus the satellite speakers and sub; movie soundtracks/effects are simply awesome at 5.1. but i failed with my games cause my mobo missed that DD Live thingy :(

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If you can find one of the original X-Fi Titanium cards you can download the DTS Connect Pack for it.


The X-Fi Titanium Pro Audio PCI express card also supports DTS Connect Pack.


I haven't used the Pro Audio version of the card, but I do still have one of the original X-Fi Titanium cards and DTS Connect works flawlessly connected to my A/V receiver.

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hmm well im stuck on three cards atm


auzen forte 7.1, Auzen merdian 2g, x-fi titanium hd.

im looking to spend up to 140.


these three support dds dd 5.1, ddlive, dts connect and also superior analog sounds compared to my onboard. some one told me that at the moment my on board digital sounds will sound better than my analog but once i get a sound card ..the analog sounds will be better than digital because my z5500 would be processing the digital sounds and not the analog.


its really hard to find.. a good sound card in stock ugh.

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Stay away from the DD and DTS connect stuff.

Plain and simple reason is that the DAC in the sound card is much better than that in the Speakers.

All you are doing is moving at which point the audio is converted to analouge from your sound card to the speakers. You want the Highest quality conversion, and this takes place in your sound card.


I have the Z-5500's and have them connected to a ASUS Xonar D2. At first I had them connected over optical, and then set the card to encode to DTS Interactive. This sounds fine, however I then connected the card via the 3.5mm analoug connections, and it sounds better.


If you do want to go with DD/DTS, get the CHEAPEST card you possibly can that does this. as there is NO POINT in paying more for it. The card wont be doing anything other than encoding, so no need to spend more than you have too.


I have a XFi Titanium in my media PC connected to my Onkyo amp using DTS Interactive, and here it DOES sound better this way, as the AMP has very good DAC's in it.


When either of the 2 cards I use are in DTS mode, everything else pretty much disables. Hence why I am saying save your money if you must go down the DTS route.


Also, never mind that pass thru stuff. I know that both my cards will NOT allow pass through of already encoded material when in DTS interactive mode. Its like the DTS/DD encode mode puts a block on anything else using the SPDIF.

Besides, if you have a decent sound card, it will do a better job of decoding the DTS/DD than the speakers will.

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