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Max DRAM safe voltage for Sandy Bridge

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I'd like to know what's the max safe DRAM voltage for Sandy Bridge CPUs on an ASUS Maximus IV Extreme-Z Motherboard.


Thank you guys


P.S.: I know I am asking a lot of questions, but I just want to do it right as I was with a Nehalem processor and they were really heavy duty so little more DRAM voltage had no incidence on the CPU.

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Overclocking the RAM itself why else?


My RAM is some G.Skill 2133Mhz and the max available on the mobo settings is 2400Mhz


It would be a better idea to loosen the timings than overvolt to OC your RAM IMO

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Why not buy some ram that will do the wanted speed without the increase in volts. Set ram voltage for the screenshot below is 1.55V. It is also available in 2x4GB kits.







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The key to degredation is keep the temps under max TCase. There is no real way to measure the Tcase (Temps in the middle of the processor). The Tcase temps are generally about 10 degress less than the core temps. That said, the max Tcase for SandyBridge is 68 so if your load temps stay at 75 or less thats good. Using high voltages like 1.45V or over requires good cooling (custom water). Many take it to 1.6V but as mentioned, keep the load temps under 75.


The Dram voltage is your memory voltage and use your memory manufacturer specs which on DDR3 is usually 1.65V


2400MHz will not give you better performance due to the timings. Lower frequency and tighter timings will trump 2400MHz. If you can get 2133MHz at cas 10 or cas 9 that would be optimal. If you can get 1866MHz at cas 8 that is the sweet spot for memory on SandyBridge. The chances you get 2400MHz is not gonna happen on a 2600K but possibly Ivybridge. SandyBridge E processors will get over 2400MHz. My top is 2452MHz on a 3930K.


I see your runniong 2T on the command rate. 1T will get better performance also.


After all this, I see your running Ivybridge... LOL. I haven't played with memory with Ivy yet but they say you can get higher frequencies with IvyBridge...

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