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[SOLVED] BF3- Performance Issues, MP Only


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---For the fix, check here: Post 20---




Battlefield 3, I can play the campaign completely maxed out, 16xAF, 8xAA, everything ultra, etc. it plays like a movie..


But in multiplayer, I have micro stutter. Rendering freezes up for a few milliseconds, sometimes a few seconds. Happens entirely random. ONLY happens in BF3 multiplayer: No other game, program, or even BF3 campaign suffers this issue.

My rig is in my signature if it helps diagnose any issues.


Recently ran OCCT, Prime95 blend, Memtest 86+, MSI Kombustor and Furmark 1.9.2 to test my system.. All passed with flying colors.


OCCT (set to 1920x1080, fullscreen, error-checking, shader complexity 8, DX10) was at a constant 55FPS for the entire hour long test.


GPU maxed out at 81C (By end of test, remained at 79C for nearly 20 minutes before very slowly climbing and peaking over the next 20 minutes.)

CPU maxed out at 49C, often dipping back down to 47C due to my fan profile.

Mainboard maxed at 43C. (Need a new SB heatsink, mine's held on by a zip-tie.)


Speedtest.net results (At my house, and at brother's house where I am now. Have experienced issues at both):

My house:

36Mb/s DL

3.8Mb/s UL

17ms ping


Brother's house:

23.86Mb/s DL

3.58Mb/s UL

14ms ping


Have run cable connection integrity checks on ethernet cable and adapter.

Have optimized router for NAT connections, have not forwarded ports particular to BF3 (couldn't find any posted.)


Zero errors detected by any program. Zero crashes, glitches etc.


So it's not an issue with my system. I've wiped drivers and reinstalled, from the 25X.XX series all the way to 296.10.


Upgraded from 4GB to 8GB RAM not too long ago.

Have done without sound card, as it was still sitting in the box when I first got this video card and game.

Have not limited affinity, would prefer to have more than one core for this game.

BIOS and all drivers for my entire system are up to date.

Have not reinstalled windows since installing 560 Ti, will once I get my install disc back from GF's house.

Have tested every single component of my PC: All are in perfect operating condition at completely stable OC. Even tested HDD, PSU. I left nothing out of this barrage of tests.


BF3 Multiplayer still hiccups when it feels like it.


DICE planning on releasing a patch for this? It seems to be a very widespread issue.


I have 19 sensors in my PC, monitoring temperatures, voltages, and RPMs. All case fans are on a fan controller. So I was able to monitor everything, even the ambient temperature of the air (33C): And no issues were detected at all: It actually ran these tests better than I would've expected it to. But BF3 MP still runs like crap "when it feels like it": This is not an all the time issue.. Just when it gets moody on me, which seems to be entirely random. When it does start getting moody, it seems to stutter at both random times, and specific ones (getting shot and being pointed at with laser): But only after it's started to act up. Other times the same scenario occurs and no issue.

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I thought you were going offline indefinitely?


I've posted in that thread. My brother invited me to stay at his place for a few weeks while I'm finding a new place. I both posted in it, and edited the original to match. So I don't have to go offline, I'm just not home anymore.

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It's fun flying a helicopter through a forest when your screen freezes..


Lived 4 out of 6 times: Smashed a tree the other 2. Issue only got worse by lowering my settings..


How do you set a framerate limit in BF3? Depending on map I average from 45FPS (Gulf of Oman) to 150FPS (Strike at Karkand) and maybe a little more difference as I've only monitored a handful of maps. I figure limiting the framerate might help prevent at least some of the stuttering.

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Turn on Vsync. :cheers:


I know VSync limits to monitor's refresh rate (in my case 60Hz) but doesn't it also limit FPS below 60 in the case I'd be getting 40 but it instead renders at 30 as it's a fraction of my refresh rate?


I'm still waking up, so I hope this makes sense.


-By the way I should've included this originally, but edit's fine:


I tried changing process priority, and I noticed that bf3.exe was on realtime during a stuttering game.. So I changed it to high. Next time I played, it was preset to normal. It seems the process changes priority to whatever it wants to.

Changing process priority to High actually reduced map load times by about half, but didn't affect anything else. This was both changing from Realtime and Normal.

Found the BF3 port list, forwarded them all. Actually have MORE lag now :blink: I'm going to remove all the changes today. At one point, the helicopter was flying visually upside down and drifting straight left :whoa:


As a side note, I've gotten REALLY good as an attack helicopter pilot. i think because I've been doing it a lot more thanks to the freeze ups.

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CPU probably.


Try this


Render.PerfOverlayEnable true

Render.PerfOverlayVisible true


And show us some pictures of it ingame, if the Yellow line spikes a lot you are having issues with your CPU. Even my 4ghz W3520 seems to spike at times, I think either my PSU is taking a dump or the overclock just isn't stable somehow even though it is in every program and I have never BSOD.

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