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MINECRAFT Live Stream: Scott & Jon Play: Goots Golf 1 & 2

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Hello OCC!


Your very own Scott (Deathmineral) and Jon (myself!) will be playing through both of XXGOOTSXX's Goots Golf maps at 7:45PM CDT (-6GMT). Although we game together on a semi-regular basis, this will be our first livestream event, and we hope to gather enough interest so that we want to continue doing them!


Our immediate goals are to increase our time gaming, including trying out new and unusal games that might be largely overlooked, and, we intend to showcase maps and mods that would that we feel deserve a special mention.




Tonight, we'll be looking at Goots Golf 1 and 2. Having partially played through Goots Golf 1, I found the courses simple, yet very enjoyable (much like real miniature golf!). What makes XXGOOTSXX's golf maps worthy of a mention are that they do not require any mods to work and all the courses have been created with bonestock Minecraft blocks and materials. The courses are very well put together and you should check 'em out!


If you're undecided, however, join Scott and myself at 7:45PM CDT (-6 GMT) for a live playthrough of Goots Golf 1 and 2.


Our Livestream channel is available here.

Goots Golf 1 and 2 are available here and here.


Cheers! :cool2:

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