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Had a lot of stuff in my slave HDD, now just have a single folder


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Hey guys, let me elaborate.


Yesterday my computer caught a virus and I had to repair it via comand promt and frst. Everything is back to normal except that I had a lot of stuff in my slave HDD but now it seems I have a single folder (66.9GB) but if I rightclick properties on the drive it says that it has 273GB of space used.


Already did chckdsk and everything came out fine, and of course tried to view hidden files to no avail. Any ideas?




EDIT: Fixed, sorry for wasting space in the forums guys. In case anybody from google wanders in here. I went to folder options and on the View tab I selectedShow hidden files, ...

and unchecked "hide protected operating system files"

then I went to the harddrive in question and found a folder called "found.000" inside there was A LOT of folders I just openend up each one of them and cut/pasted all my stuff back to it's place.

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