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Trainingwheels introduction


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Hello. To start... I'm a 48 year old geek who's computer is a toy. I am embarking on my first overclock of CPU and RAM. I am needing and seeking assistance.

I've been playing with computers, working with professional audio, voice over and production for over 20 years. I am familiar (but not expert) with BIOS and Windows OS management.


My current goal is to obtain a stable 4 GHz overclock with my current hardware. As it is now my system crashes after 40 seconds of Prime 95. My cooler is a Cooler Master 212 Plus.


Here is a brief look at my hardware:



AMD Phenom II X4 965 27 °C

Deneb 45nm Technology


8.00 GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 669MHz (9-9-9-24)




Can you help me? I have taken notes about my BIOS and have screen captures of CPU-Z readings.


Thanks for reading.




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I wouldn't jump the gun capitan. I've got my 555 unlocked to triple core and running at two seperate overclocks (one for regular temperatures when ac is off, a higher oc when I get to turn the ac on.)


It's a triple core 4.25GHz/4.6GHz depending on heat in my house. And I've got a hyper 212+. Worked in my Rosewill Challenger, though pushing temps under load. Reasonably cooler in the Phantom.


So maybe its not terribly likely: but it is possible he could get 4GHz with the 212+.

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Trainingwheels: WELCOME TO OCC!! You'll learn a lot here, I know I have. You'll pop those training wheels off in no time flat.


Dragonsdonfly: Also remember that you're cooling a x3 vice a x4. under loads 1 more core will make the difference in thermal output. The second and third factor are size of the case and airflow in the case. My HD 6870 was significantly cooler in my mid-ATX case with 3x 120mm intake/ 1x 120mm and 1x 140mm exhaust fans. In my full-ATX case my HD 6870 runs 10C hotter with 2x 120mm side intake/ 2x 120 mm exhaust fans. I can't quite put my CPU in perspective because I had a stock cooler installed in my mid-ATX and have a Zalman 9900 currently in my full-ATX. Current build is in my signature.

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