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Battlefield 3: Tips for Noobs

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This thread is about Battlefield 3, tips and tricks for new players to use while they're still familiarizing themselves with the game. NONE OF THESE TIPS INVOLVE TELLING SOMEONE HOW TO PLAY OR WHAT CLASS TO USE- THEY ARE PURELY DECISIONS OUTSIDE OF GAMEPLAY THAT CAN HELP YOU LEARN TO PLAY ON YOUR OWN. However, you CAN reply with specific tips if you'd like, I'm just keeping them out of the OP itself, to show that you can give tips without telling them how to play the game.

The point of these is to help new players get better, without actually "teaching them how to play", because as much as we'd like to: We can't teach you to shoot, plan and react better.


Easiest tip:

Add the best player from each round as a friend!


I learned this from someone who added me as a friend: I was the best player in the round, and he was kinda my biggest victim. I was purely dominating him, and I really expected him to hate me. But after the match, I close out the game and in battlelog he sent me a friend request.

Since then we've played on and off and taught each other a few tricks we learned. I pointed out a ton of tips for capturing points, vehicles, and assault/enginner classes to him, and he pointed out a ton of things I didn't realize about the recon class: Because I couldn't play it all until he told me.

Adding a new friend is the easiest thing to do in BF3, so just remember.. As much as you want to troll the guy, if he plays better than you did that round: It's because he knows things, and he might be willing to share them with you.


Tip number 2:


If you played CoD before, but never Battlefield.. Start by playing TDM matches first. Battlefield has a few game modes that may seem similar to CoD players, but none more familiar than TDM. This gives you time to get used to the guns, loadouts, and keyboard layout before you "go out on your own" into game modes where you have to learn a lot more than just how to kill.


Tip number 3:


There is no "win button" in battlefield 3. Just because you unlocked a new weapon, doesn't mean it's better. So don't force yourself to use the next unlock (like I see many people doing.)


If it works on one map, doesn't mean it works so well on another. Some weapons are great at short range, and trash at long range, and some vice cersa. And there are other factors to consider-

But the point is don't force yourself to use a weapon or a loadout: The upside of editing classes in-game is that if it isn't working, you can always change it. And if you REALLY want that unlock- find a server suited to that class/weapon/vehicle.

For instance, it is EASY to get AT rocket kills at Noshahr Canals in a TDM game, but not so easy to get them in Metro Domination: So if you're trying to get an unlock based on that- Pick a server where you'd WANT to use that weapon in the first place.


Tip number 4:


Seriously though, there are many great players in BF3 who are willing to share their knowledge and skill online, and some make useful guides instead of just showing off their gameplay footage. I personally learned to fly jets by taking tips about how various speeds affect turning radius from a youtube video.

There are videos that post all the little tips from spawning, to vehicles, to loadouts, to teamwork, to the locations you usually find the "noobs" lurking around for easy prey. Youtube is your friend.

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This could be interesting, i'll play some tomorrow and think up a few tips. Really can't remember any without playing. :-/


I may get opinionated but i'll be sure to give a headsup.

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Might want to share those YouTube videos that helped ya out since this is a Tips thread. ;)


In the meantime I will just leave this here...


A typical day in Battlefield 3...


Btw guys you CAN post what you do, and specifics.. I just wasn't posting them in the OP, if you want to reply with your specifics, go for it.


Most of the videos was common sense, and some quitew useless: But I did pick up one or two tips that really helped from this guy. the rest is flying time, getting used to it:



Btw one tip to remember (got this from a youtube video, can't find it atm):

"When it rains, it pours".

In BF3 players can spawn on squad mates, even a second after they die. So anytime you kill someone, remember that there is a good chance there are more. Don't rush to reload if you have 3/4 clip left, don't relax and flick your cigarette: Stay alert to be sure there are no squad members lurking by the guy you just killed.


You can create your own squad:

If you're in a party on battlelog with other players and you all want to be in the same squad, don't just give up if there's not 4 open slots in one. You can create new squads! Not sure if you can do this in all servers, but I know it's possible because I've done it a handful of times.


General knowing your strengths/avoiding your weaknesses:

As for me, I have crazy twitch skills so CQC outnumbered is something I excel at, so I like playing Domination and attacking points that other teammates are staying clear of. I thin out the ranks, usually kill at least 6 guys in some crazy-high speed firefight, and that opens up the point for the rest of my team to rush in.

I'm going to include a snip of my last game's scoreboard: A server of 64 players and I'd rush into a point with 12 infantry and a tank: And take out either all of them or all but 3; making it an easy cap for my team even if it did get me killed in the process.


It's playing on your strengths, I can't fly worth crap (although I'm good in a heli, I'm not pro enough to win a game in one), I'm too inpatient to defend the same point for long periods of time, and I don't like sticking to a "support only" role. So I attack points, because it's what I'm good at. And while I do it, I'm usually incorporating support roles on the fly: Picking up enemy mines, dropping health packs as I sprint past wounded teammates, and reviving.


Occasionally I'll encounter too much resistance, and after one or two failed rushes I'll switch up to the something I'm not as good at, but that the team needs: Anti-vehicle. If I can't take my assault loadout and harass the point to capture it, I'll swap and thin them out a little at a time with Engineer/Recon until the point's weak enough to cap as Assault again. Ocassionaly I'll even stay as Engineer when I expect Vehicles to try to retake the point.


It doesn't always work: But it works better than doing the same thing and being too stubborn to switch.

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After being called a hacker and a noob about a million times today for winning, I have a few new tips (tghe mistakes those guys were making):


Number 1:

If you're spraying like a maniac, you won't hear the guy running up behind you to knife you. Gunshots are louder than footsteps, that ain't broken.


Number 2:

If someone kills you a few feet from your spawn beacon: Don't spawn on it.. Use random spawn. Otherwise it's your own fault for getting killed twice in a row.


I was called a hacker at least 50 times in the same server, because some high level idiots kept crying I had a "stealth bot" because he couldn't hear me running up to knife him (as he was spraying like crazy) so to troll him, I'd fire one bullet them knife him xD Kept saying "what's your excuse that time QQ"


And his squadmate, who would cry I had an aimbot because I kept killing him as he spawned. Which isbecause he would plant a spawn beacon and start sniping from right on top of it, so everytime I killed him: I'd wait 5 seconds for him to spawn on the beacon again and kill him again.


Making those mistakes aren't the worst thing in the world, but if you're gonna cry hacker it just makes you look like an idiot.


Spawn beacon suicider: MaximumTacos

Crybaby knife victim: KuraiShidosha


Welcome to the hall of shame.

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KuraiShidosha started a platoon called "u mad bro". That tells you everything you need to know about that clown.


Getting called a hacker means you're getting good. The better you get the more people cry hacker.

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On a new track with BF3:


I don't even care if I play well. The mid game autbalance frenzy I went through forced me to purely play for the fun of it. And so I've been using Recon and Support a LOT more lately. I gotta say.. Jihad is the way to go if you want to enjoy the game xD. I found it especially devastating on Conquest/Rush - Strike at Karkand. Lot of alleys and corners to bombard :D


Actually, my stats haven't changed much since I stopped caring so much about playing well. My SPM has gone down a little, but everything else is about the same, and my accuracy is slowly climbing since I'm not going rambo in a hornet's nest all the time.


So my tip to newbs: Just have fun. Oh, and unlock C4. It's hilarious when you get a good game with it.

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