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am3+ mobo suggestion

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I need to buy an am3+ mobo under 100 euro,what would u guys suggest ? no planning for cf or sli.

I ll be using phenom II 965 for now and maybe upgrade sometime later if amd decide to make some decent chip.


thanks in advance.

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What's the computer's purpose? Do you want a minimalistic board or something with a good deal of USB ports etc.


Computers purpose is gaming (wow , starwars,).Rest of the pc parts are 2x4gb corsair vengeance 1600mhz c8 @ 1,5v , amd 5770 , thermaltake 750w , 1tb caviar black (+ the 965).

I want a decent am3+ motherboard with sata3 ,usb3 but under 100~ euro.



@ d6bmg


This pc is for a friend not for me , i wouldnt change my 930 for a phenom chip :P

I know the UD3 is a very good mobo but the budget is 100euros.

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i've had an asus m5a78l m lx for over a year and had no trouble. it overclocked my fx6100 to 4.5 stable no problem. not sure if microcenter is an option for you but they have new and 7 open box items right now and there the plus version with the newest bios revision installed for fx processors and the plus version will except the 125w processors. the non plus version only excepts 95w processors.




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