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BF3- Issues since update


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I'm not asking for a fix, as none of us can provide that.


I'm just looking to see if anyone else has the same issues I've had since this last update (march 10th).


First, a prime example in attachment.. I level up, but I don't. I get back into the next game, and my stats are set back several games. I sync my local data over cloud data, and it rewinds me even further: Regardless of the time stamp dating it only a few minutes ago I end up back 5-6 hours progress every couple hours.. I actually went back to my stats at the time of update once.. And had to work back up 3 ranks.


Second: hit reg is late sometimes, NEVER was before.. I'll get killed in a firefight, and the other guy will die about the time I spawn, from my bullets. This happened about 30 times last night, with my pings from 16ms-40ms, and the other guys usually about the same, up to maybe 60ms.


What did they change anyways? Because ever since update I've been having issues I never had before (Since update is only about 10-15% of my total playtime: And contains about 90-95% of all bugs, glitches, and issues.

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