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So I am finishing up my Bachelors degree in IT with an emphasis in computer networking, and am trying to figure out what to do next in life...



I am at a crossroads, and really have no idea what to do after school...


The two basic choices are A) Look for a Job, or B) Look for a graduate program.


The both have pros and cons. Currently I am working at a company that focuses a lot on networking infrastructure, we configure routers, switches, etc... Pretty much anything that is part of a companies infrastructure. The job has been well lets say a little bit of an eye opener. I have learned a lot working here and have been doing a lot of thinking about my career path. I love technology it has always been a passion in my life, I am just wondering if I took the right career path when I started school... My current job has been kinda rocky, I have been interning at this company and well they haven't been super excited about my skill set... I will admit that I have not done things right, may not know how to do things, etc... I am always interested in what we are doing though, even though I might not be great at it...


Needless to say the job has kinda left a sour taste in my mouth for IT. Its not that I hate IT, its just that if I am not able to at least be proficient at my job by the time I am out of school how am I supposed to even land a position after school?



Because I have focused so much on school, I currently still live at home. I want to move out pretty soon after I graduate that I know for certain, it is important though that I have a job that I can actually support myself on. Currently I don't make enough money to do that, and it doesn't look like I will be making much more at the company I currently work at.



So what to do...



I like the idea of possibly a graduate program, as I can look for schools outside of my state and get out of the house. Con it ranks up that student debt some more... Con experience is worth more sometimes...



The job market is on a rebound, its still not to the point though were I will be likely to find a job right out of school... I could be sitting around for months trying to land a position, which puts moving out on hold....



I just don't know what to do... So confused...

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Is there any chance you can get a research assistant position while doing your Master's? If you can do that, perhaps the small amount of debt you might rack up would be worthwhile. If you aren't happy what you're doing though - extra school will just make you more bitter...unless, of course, you actually enjoy school more than your current job. If that's the case...do the schooling if you can afford it. The more education you have, the better your chances of getting a job you actually enjoy (especially if you can get into research or something similar).



Then again, I'm a terrible adviser, I'm going for my PhD now. :lol:

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