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New SSD, need to put windows 7 on it!

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Sorry for double post, but I wanted this post separate from my previous one as it's a separate bit of advice:


I save all of my installers over a certain size. It's easy to download the 20MB iTunes installer if I ever have to install it again: But my Nvidia drivers are well over 100MB downloads..

So I save EVERYTHING to a folder, and compress them with WinRAR. I also make sure to installl WinRAR to the same folder the archives reside in so I can immediately extract them without added hassle on new install (WinRAR doesn't require registry keys, so you can open it up after reinstalling Windows: All you have to do is set file assocations.)


Btw, I keep all files that are this important in either a custom folder in the root of my boot drive, or on a seperate drive. Windows moves files placed in any of it's created folders/subfolders to "Windows.old" on new installs and messes things up: But if you keep the installers in the root of the drive or acustom folder in the root (example- C:\Installers\) Windows will NEVER move them, even when you install a new copy. It only changes folders it creates and their content/subfolders.


I reinstall Windows like I smoke cigarettes.. Most of my work on computers is with old junk PCs and people who are clueless lol, so I've had enough experience with this crap to make the experience easier whenever it happens to myself.


Other small tips include moving iTunes media and other "windows allotted" libraries to custom directories at the root of the drive, and just changing settings within iTunes to point it to those libraries you created: Same idea with any other program that uses libraries of files you'd especially like to not lose.. Then you don't have to migrate them on each new install, and etc. Just a head's up for next time, hope it helps!

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