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Battlefield 3 gravatar issues


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----Edit: Nevermind.. Apparently the 9th copy of the same image finally worked, at exactly the 25 minute mark I reloaded and it's in.

Use this as guide then, instead of a question thread. Add answers if you want, in case anybody else needs a miracle mojo worker for their crapatar.


Made a gravatar account, same email as my battlelog account.

Uploaded image from my hard drive.

Rated my image "G".

Linked the email in the battelog edit profile.

Tried a billion more times.

2 days later, clearing cache forcing full refresh: Nothing. Still the default soldier.


I have done everything they say to do, even things you shouldn't have to (uploading the same image 10 different times and trying different ones): nothing is working.


Is there some magic voodoo that can get gravatar and battlelog to get along?

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I think it just takes a while to take effect


That wasn't the issue. Everywhere I looked, they said give it about 15 minutes. I gave it about 18 hours first attempt.


For some reason the picture I uploaded to gravatar wouldn't work. So I re-upped the exact same one a bunch of times, and kept trying to select he next one if one didn't work after about an hour. I just uploaded it ten times, and for some reason when I tried activating the 9th one.. It finally worked.

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