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Built a Desk

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Good work man. I really like the idea of the holes leading into the "cable management" area you put in, nice thinking! Honestly, I think that's the best idea I've ever seen in a desk xD. There's one thing I would add if that was my desk: A rod protruding about 5" from the right corner of the desk (for hanging headphones when you get up.) Thought I'd mention it in case you wanted something like that too.


I've been wanting to build my own desk forever, and unlike the million mods I consider and never do: It's something I'm going to do. When I do, I'll let you know what it looks like.

That's something I'd like to have on my desk if I ever get around to making my own. I have three sets of headphones and right now I don't have a good setup for them.


I'd also like to see this when it's finished, I've been thinking about making my own desk for a while now for a triple 28" setup. Sadly time, money, and skill are what I'm lacking.

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Finally got somewhere on the monitor stand/arms. Since I am basically working with what I got it's taken some extra thought (all my dad on this one, he thought of how to solve the problem of not being able to weld the galvanized steel).




The WIP stand in the vice, clamped together to get the general idea.





Testing the mounting system to the desk itself (Chocolate Lab in the back, eating wood. The dumb dog loves to eat wood shavings)





Attached to the desk with the arms







I do have a Logitech G930, so I might make something to attach it too. The right side of the desk is going to have the case, so I can't put anything there. The left side of the desk will be against a wall so can't put it there.

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you could make a small hook on the front to hand the head phones on ten they would be right there when needed but out of the way when not needed

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The stand has been painted. Now working on the mounts for the monitors themselves.


Despite the large gap you'll see in one of these pictures this thing is . strong as hell. It's all steel, though since I am working with freebie steel I have to work around things like the gaps.






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Got it all put together. All the cable management is temporary as I need to get some extension cables for some of them, mount the surge protector, etc...


I also have some work to do on the monitor mounts as the monitors don't line up perfectly, have to cut some of the bolts off so they don't stick out but I am happy with it so far.







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