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Part it out man.


When you say "trip to china", PLEASE tell me it is not with a group called people to people. I went with them to china as well, and I was lucky enough to have 2 guides that I really liked, but unfortunate enough to have 2 additional guides that were dumber than I, you, and pretty much anything that moves.


The whole thing was basically a richman's version of summer camp. I think you should go to china because it is still an amazing country, and I was still able to get a lot out of it (after breaking every single rule of the trip) but I am giving you FAIR warning that you should consider going on your own. Hopefully you are not going with that lot of fools, but just in case you are, you have been warned ;)


@RJR: Your PC is worth a lot more. Try ebay with a 1.2K price tag. :thumbsup:

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