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WTS - Paradax's Thread

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All prices do not include shipping unless otherwise specified.

Paypal preferred but I'm open to other forms of payment.

My heatware is under paradax.



For Sale:

PS3 DLC Codes / Online Passes:

1 PS3 Medal of Honor Limited Edition Online Pass

1 PS3 Mass Effect 3 Online Pass

2 PS3 Crysis 2 Limited Edition DLC codes


$5 each OBO - I would prefer to pm the codes but can physically mail them upon request.



Lord of the Rings Return of the King Extended Edition - $5

-Great condition except disc 2 of the movie quit working

-I bought another copy of it and will include a dual layer copy of disc 2 as well as the original, non-working, disc

That's all I have for now, I will be adding more PS3, and maybe Xbox, codes as they become available as well as some computer hardware and misc items.


People I've sold to:


People I've bought from:

El_capitan (x2)

dr_bowtie (free to a good home)

Thanks for looking!

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