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ARRIS TG862 Review

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This is a Comcast exclusive: Only available to rent through Comcast, available nowhere else.




More an overview than a review: But I can DEFINITELY recommend this to others. I love having everything in one solution.


This is considered a "Wireless Gateway" by common definition, which is both of the following:

DOCSIS 3.0 modem

Wireless B/G/N Triple Band Router w/ Internal Antenna


Hardware Specifications:

400MHz internal CPU


32MB Flash

Internal Battery with front panel display meter.



4-port ethernet output.

2-port phone output.

1-port USB output.

WPS ready.

Smooth piano black finish.

Firewall Suite Built-In, with easy to use GUI.

Self-Updating, Self-Activating.


Sorry for choppy audio, my SD Card is shot, so I had to borrow the one from the Wii (which has too slow write speeds to record HD properly.) As for me having trouble speaking: I'm exhausted. Try recording with a 5 year old within 3 feet of you, it takes about a hundred attempts.

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My advertised connection speeds:


25Mbps Downstream

6Mbps Upstream


Connected devices:

Gaming Desktop (in signature)

Wii (usually running Hulu Plus)

2 Android phones (one heavily used, one lightly used)

An older desktop computer with wireless card.


Speedtest.net ratings (with other devices connected but mostly idle state):


14ms ping

25.30 Mbps DS

3.50 Mbps US


Was slightly higher with only the desktop connected: 28/5-point-something. I don't remember exact decimals.


--Comcast's advertised 6Mbps upload speeds include the "powerboost", so I'm not sure what my advertised upstream bandwidth is without the powerboost factor.


In online gaming, my ping has ranged from 10ms to 59ms. Overall has been playable every match (except once when steam started updating one game while I was playing another, using a full 1.8MBps... Got very goofy then. But steam isn't supposed to update when you're playing anyways, so not the gateway's fault.

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Are you renting it from comcast or did ya buy it from them?


Renting. If I buy one, I'll grab it from my usual retailers (newegg, walmart, etc.) But newegg doesn't have this, neither does anyone else as far as I can see. The model number comes up as an entirely different product through all my google searches.

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