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Wanting to do 3 monitor gaming.

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I got the 3rd monitor and I can run BFBC2 amazingly well, other games I run on just the middle monitor with information on the right monitor and my chat programs (Mumbler/vent/Teamspeak) on the far left.


I love this setup and am currently looking for monitor mounts.


I'd like to have all three mounted but can't seem to find any good reviews/prices/whatnot.


So far games with no graphical lag, no settings changes needed:


Team Fortress 2

Counter-Strike Source

Portal 1 & 2


Guild Wars



Games that I need to adjust settings down.

(I run this in single monitor with other things going on my flanking screens)




A certain game's beta.


Batman Arkham Asylum








Getting 65FPS in BFBC2 at default settings at 5760 X 1080.

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