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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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It is quite weird that she was in this because I thought I had heard she got kicked off Transformers for being a bitch. So I was surprised to see M-Bay brought her on for this.


On the upside at least it does not look like they are Alien.


In the trailer they said something like "We wanted to create". 

They said "Heroes are not born, they're created. That is what your father and I were trying to do." Definitely looks like 'aliens' has been removed.



Which is nice. But now instead of accidental exposure, it's deliberate.

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It may be accidental that the turtles were exposed, but the creation of chemical was deliberate. Won't know until a later date though.


I mean accidental in the sense of the original exposure being an accident when the ooze spilled. This new movie seems to be a deliberate exposure to make heroes, but the turtles could be an unintended consequence of wanting to make some other kind of hero.

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